👋 Getting Started with Lexir

A quick overview of the steps needed to get started with Lexir

Starting your own alcohol brand is an incredible accomplishment. After gaining some traction in your own local area, you’re finally ready to expand your horizons! 🚀

While it may be daunting entering uncharted territory, we’ll help guide you with everything you need to know to launch and grow your alcohol brand in a new market.

👇 Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to start selling in no time!

1. Click “Get Started” on lexir.com

Head on over to lexir.com and click “Get Started.” You’ll be asked for a few basic details about your brand, which will be sent directly to our Brand Manager.

Fill out a Few Basic Details

You’ll be asked a few basic questions about your brand to help get you started. For example: where your brand is based, which markets you currently sell, what type of products you produce and how many bottles you currently sell annually.

Schedule a Call with Our Brand Manager

Once you fill out the form, our Brand Manger will reach out to you via the email you provided. From there you can schedule a call, and they will guide you through all of the specific details that you’ll need to get started including help with the moving your stock, setting your prices, and preparing for launch!

2. Moving Stock

Next, you’ll need to select your products and send them to our warehouse in your chosen market. A “market” is the country in which your products will be warehoused and sold.

To make your products available in your chosen market, you need to ship them to one on Lexir’s partnered warehouses and ensure they comply with local rules.

Choose your Products & Quantity

Specify which products you’d like to send, the number of palettes, and the palette dimensions (size and weight).

  • On our Essentials Plan you can store 2 palettes*

  • On our Plus Plan you can store 4 palettes*

*additional palettes are available at an added cost

Ensure your Products are Compliant

For each market, you will need to make sure your products are labelled correctly and compliant with local alcohol laws. Be sure to checkout our labelling guide.

Pick your Shipping Method

Lexir can recommend a shipping provider. We will work to get your the best quote. If you would prefer to use your own shipping provider, you are free to do that as well.

3. Set your Prices

With Lexir, you pick the price and margin you want for the market.

Before you start selling you’ll have to set your prices for both types of customers:

  • B2B(bars, restaurants, retail)

  • B2C (individual customers who buy online)

You can set and manage your prices directly from the admin dashboard. Lexir can provide support and recommendations for setting your prices in each market. We can also help you calculate taxes and fees to ensure their margin suits their needs.

(Pricing Guides coming soon)

4. Launch

Woo hoo! Your products are now arriving in a new market and you’re ready to launch. It’s time to get the message out there and start reaching buyers in the market.

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